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This past weekend we went to our old friend’s farm in upstate New York. He is  92 years old and the farm  and its buildings date from the 18th century. I love our visits to Dunn Farm on Browns Road. This Easter Sunday the late afternoon light was especially mesmerizing as  sun and shadow fell on  one of the barns. We took some photos and on returning to the City I looked at the pictures and was struck by the poetic, almost “human”  nature of the old structure. Writing to a friend in France, I sent him this verse about the old barn.



Je dors dans un déjeuner de soleil

D’un après-midi  décroissant.

Mes murs fragiles s’ébranlent quand le vent souffle

Et a l’ interieur ou autre fois des petits poulains gambadaient

Il n’y a que grains de paille dansants.

Pour combien de temps

Puis-je rester encore debout?

Mon maquillage se fane

Et mon corps est peu pulpeux.

Jadis j’étais bien belle

Très, trés séduisante…..

Mais maintenant

Personne ne veut danser avec moi….”





I bask in the late afternoon sun

And my fragile walls shudder

When the wind blows.

Inside colts once gamboled,

But now only straw dust dances.

How much longer

Can I stand?

My make-up is fading

And my body is no longer shapely.

Once I was beautiful

And very seductive,

But now nobody

Wants to dance with me.


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