It’s New York City – How Many Celebrities Have You Seen Today ?

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Everybody who lives in Gotham has celebrity stories.  Met ’em, seen ’em, even ignored ’em ! That’s our favorite affectation:  “I saw Woody Allen on the Crosstown bus and just ignored him !”  Or, ” Susan Sarandon was in Dr. Goldman’s waiting room and I just kept reading my magazine; didn’t even smile or try to make eye contact  with her!”

Some of my  NYC celebrity encounters have been a bit more off-beat. There was that rather kinetic occurrence  with Elaine Stritch a few weeks back on Sixth Avenue.  I was rushing out of a deli and she was barreling in, full speed ahead. We collided at the glass door, me pushing out and  Diva Stritch pushing in. One of those no-win scenes where the head ceases to operate and the muscles just keep pushing. This dance of the determined continued for what seemed like ages – must have been seconds  – until we both burst out laughing and stopped pushing. Nobody moved until another customer came along and opened the door. Glad Elaine was in a good mood that day!

Then there was the Diane Sawyer – Mike Nichols brunch.  No, they did not invite us to brunch, but my partner and I did sit next to them in a restaurant. I guess I could stretch it a bit and say: “we had brunch with Diane and Mike”  since our table was only eighteen inches from theirs.

   We were in Tribeca, a place we find ourselves probably once in a decade; got hungry and saw an edgy-looking place that was doing some kind of  fusion  Pan-Asian – French menu. Being new and still un-discovered, the joint was half-empty. We were shown to a table for two next to an older couple drinking cocktails, pink things in huge martini glasses. The man,  his head capped with a blondish toupee, was doing most of the talking.  The lady listened attentively. You could tell she was a good listener, used to hearing people out.  She looked tired.

It wasn’t until we were well into our cross-over Thai-Provencal omelettes that I became aware  who this duo was.  I was brushing elbows with  America’s  most famous director and the networks’ most renown anchor lady! Without being bathed in the  golden lighting that envelopes her  every weekday morning,  Diane looked a totally different person.

I must admit even though I claim not to care about this tinsely stuff, I did experience a bit of a rush. Wanting to share this supremely New York moment with my partner, who is a rice farmer from Java, I said to him, expectantly,  in Indonesian : “These are really, really  famous people  next to us.”

His reaction was priceless and – unwittingly –  more sophisticated than a carload of Cafe Carlyle- bound soignees : “Sorry, but I have no idea who they are !”

In the land of sophisticates,  simplicity trumps all !


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