Encounters: A Memoir

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“Encounters: A Memoir – Relationship Journeys from Around the World” has something for every type of reader. Flavored with humor and poignant notes, this memoir paints a fascinating picture of westerners living in Asia and the cross-cultural challenges they face in their social and emotional lives.

Beginning in the segregated American South in the 1940s where the author spend his early childhood, this personal series of stories moves through Asia, Europe and the corridors of the United Nations where Oglesby faced challenges as a gay employee working in a tradition-bound environment.

His writing has touches of Capote and Graham Greene. The book is hard to put down. The perfect companion for a long airplane ride.

“Encounters: A Memoir – Relationship Journeys from Around the World” takes the reader from a village in the segregated South to exotic places in Europe and Asia.

There are stops in war-torn Vietnam, a visit to an abandoned palace in Bangladesh where goats waltz on a deserted ballroom floor, a life-threatening confrontation with police in Paris, and many other adventures.

In these absorbing tales, the author shares his cross-cultural experiences and describes the challenges he faced in trying to become a citizen of the world.

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Comments (3)

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  1. Johyn Hart says:

    Sounds like an interesting book! I’ll look it up…

    I’m also involved in writing my memoirs…so far just my military life and life with my family in wartime Vietnam.

  2. DIck says:

    Book readers, just one of the various digital appendages attached to our bodies these days. As a very late adapter, I still can’t relate to them and this makes me feel alienated from all those under 35s living in the cyber world. I keep asking -are they, or are we, the alienated ones?

  3. barbara says:

    Sam, congratulations – many and headfelt !
    Lots of ground to cover/catch up with.. more time and
    leisure needed to do so – then riveting, no doubt, to talk about it ..
    All best B.

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